Ryan, Ann, & Zoey Asistio

(January 08, 2018 )

In this hot and thriving housing market, it was such a blessing to have Francis Mai and his team by our side.  The roller coaster ride of emotions that we felt, from making offers to having accepted offers collapse, we were glad that Francis was there for us.   My wife and I decided to dive into the housing market earlier this year and little did we know what we were getting ourselves into.  Through our housing journey, we had 2 accepted offers taken from us, and as exhausting as it was to look for houses, we knew that Francis was there to support us in every way.  We faced challenges with other realtors and builders, but Francis always remained optimistic; he constantly reminded us that “things happen for a reason.”  I still remember the day that we found our home…we saw, we offered, we inspected, and we bought in a time from of 3 hours.  I don’t know if any other realtor could have been an flexible and organized as Francis to be able to do what he did that day.   Francis is well composed, professional, and is driven to work with you rather for you.  He always kept us in loop of with any updates, whether it was bad or good.  Any realtor can find you a house, but Francis found us our home.  Thanks again France Mai!