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*Bruce Mai.          * Danielle Klassen.            *Francis Mai.

*Francis Mai
I am a very driven, and balanced entrepreneur. My passion is to help people find these things for their lives, as I believe that balance is the key to living a “successful” life. There is a quote “home is where the heart is” ~Pliny the Elder and I truly believe that an individuals living space directly reflects who they are and how they feel whether inside or outside of the space. I want you to wake up feeling inspired each day in your home, knowing that you made the best choice for you and your family.

I grew up in British Columbia and am very familiar with Vancouver and its suburbs. I feel blessed to have grown up in such an amazing city that is always voted in the top 3 places IN THE WORLD, based on many different factors such as architecture, arts and culture, diversity, economy, and overall quality of life. With this kind of demand in this city and its suburbs, I truly believe that purchasing a home is an asset in more ways than one! I have personal experience being a purchaser as I have owned my own home from the young age of 21 years old and I grew up in a large family owning many different pieces of property, from detached homes, condos, town homes and even duplexes. Real Estate has always been an interest of mine and I have always kept up-to-date on the market. It is in my character to always want to better myself, which keeps me growing as an individual, and current on whats happening in the world.

Networking and building life-long partnerships is also a passion of mine. I truly believe in providing a well rounded service to my clients. I will take the time to hear about your goals and passions as they help me deliver my services in your best interest. Through my large network of professionals, I have very close relationships with mortgage brokers, lawyers, and inspectors. I have many solid connections to see your sale/purchase through to the end. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                *Danielle Klassen

My name is Danielle Klassen and I bring the feminine side to the Mai Dreams Group! I joined Mai Dreams Group about 2 years ago when the universe aligned and my old job came to an end and my fiancé needed a new assistant and I decided to try it out and help him to see how I liked it. Turns out I loved it and we loved working together and as they say - the rest is history! I have been a licenced Realtor for just over 2 years now and continue to grow and learn every day.


My previous jobs were all in Healthcare and I had been in that field for over 10 years. There were many things I loved and hated about my old career, but helping people was why I got into that field in the first place and the reason I went to work every day. There were things that were hard in that career though – the shiftwork, the nightshifts, the stress of seeing bad things happen to people day in and day out. I knew I wanted to be in a career where I still got the satisfaction of helping people, but in a different setting where I didn’t see as much pain every day. Real estate has let me fill my need to help people and bring joy to so many families through finding them houses and helping them create a home.


Healthcare taught me so many skills that I’ve brought over to my work in real estate - working well under stress, attention to details, and working with many different types of people and situations. Real estates has helped me grow these skills and learn so many more.


Francis is great at what he does – he is out on the front lines, negotiating and getting the best price possible is where he thrives. When I came into the business I came to support him so he can be out with the clients where he needs to be. My skill set is to grease the machine in the background and make sure all the T’s are crossed. I love making sure everything is organized and all the paperwork is done properly, I love getting to know the clients and their families and planning fun client events and being able to buy personalized client gifts I know they will love. I am the backline that make sure Francis and Bruce are free to be present with the clients knowing everything else is taken care of.


I love that I now get to wake up every day and help people fulfil their dreams – and I get to do that alongside the love of my life who continues to teach me more and more about this business.


When I am not helping families find their perfect homes and organizing Francis and Bruce’s schedules you can usually find me in my garden, spending time with my dog Wilson or kayaking. One of my favorite things to do is to thrift and my perfect Saturday would be spent walking through thrift stores with a hot latte looking for a treasure or good deal.


Me and Francis are currently pregnant with our first child and will be bringing her into the world in just a few short months. I am excited to see where life will take us and am so grateful for a career where I can balance mom life with work life and see our family grow alongside our clients who always become friends.


                                                                                                                                                    *Bruce Mai
I was born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia. I am the oldest of 4 siblings. Growing up, I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do for a living or achieve in life through my career. I've worked and had many different jobs ranging from construction to hairdressing, working at a grocery store, a warehouse, in an office and was also a fishing guide. Every job I've ever had I've picked up and learned different skills on the way which helped me appreciate what other people do for a living as well as help me find out what I wanted in life. For myself, I never really got any satisfaction out of working an hourly 9-5 job mindlessly working day in and day out, counting down the hours as to when I would get off work for every shift. The opportunity of doing Real Estate came to me when I was approached by my uncle Francis to join the team alongside his wife Danielle and now the 3 of us make up Mai Dreams Group. I've always noticed from the outside looking in. What my uncle was achieving in his real estate business. Seeing Francis & Danielle help their clients through each journey and having experienced firsthand myself the satisfaction of helping a first time home owner purchase their dream home and helping them start a family is a great feeling and something very special to be apart of. We have an important role to play in helping our clients with one of the biggest decisions of their lives, while doing our best to ensure the whole process goes smoothly and is as stress free as possible. Everyday I'm happy to know this is what I get to wake up and do. The flexibility of being on a team and to work when it's time to work and to be able to make my own schedule and hours is a blessing, however; the effort and work you put into this business is what you'll get out of it. We work hard and play hard.

When I'm not doing real estate, you can find me out enjoying nature. I love hiking, being at the beach and lakes, fishing, camping, working out or just being around family and friends enjoying some good food


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